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Need More Customers?

Every business needs an ever growing channel of new clients and customers. Over the last 14 years, I’ve helped over 1K companies and entrepreneurs bring in over $500M in sales and counting. Click below to learn exactly how I did it.

The "Secret" To Becoming Wildly Successful

From Adobe and Ford to local mom and pop businesses, I’ve been blessed to work with a wide range of companies over the years. Billion dollar companies, million dollar companies, and even businesses that haven’t sold a single $1 to start. Despite that wide spectrum, they all share “one” thing in common – they needed “XYZ” to become successful and profitable. If you’re struggling to get new customers and clients, or struggling to reach your next revenue goals, it’s likely because you don’t have this in place. Let me show exactly what I’m talking about – click here to see what it is.

Who Is Ricky "Richard" Hale?

Richard Hale is a top rated SEO and digital marketing expert with over 14 years of experience. He’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Adobe, Ford, Nike, Skrivanek, Soothe, and more than 1K in total. For his entire career, he worked behind the scenes, never once coming out to the public… until now. Marketing and business is his passion but most importantly, his top passion is changing lives as he’s impacted tens of thousands of lives and growing.

Today, Richard is still working with companies across the globe. You can get in touch with his team here. 

Digital Marketing Is The Most Important Skill You Can Learn To Grow A Business Or Brand

Nearly 7 out of 10 online users begin their online search using a search engine. 3.96 billion users use social media on all platforms. This is why search engine optimization and social media marketing is among 2 of many digital marketing skills you need to master. 

You can learn more about Richard’s marketing courses here.

Why Learn Here?

Ricky “Richard” Hale has over 14+ years of digital marketing experience. Ricky has helped his clients, partners, and students generate over $500M in revenue and counting. For the first time in his career, he’s sharing everything he learned to help give you the skills, clarity, guidance, and support to grow your business and brand.

Here’s why you should consider investing in yourself here.

  • Proven Frameworks: Few marketing courses give you the exact steps to take A-Z; our training walks you through each step so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Real-World Experience: You’re getting the opportunity to learn from one of the top digital marketing experts in the world. Over 14 years of experience, over $500M in sales, someone who has worked with over 1K businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and brands.
  • Personalized Support: Most courses will give you training material and you’re left to consume that training and apply it without any help. Not here, our team is here to help you every step of the way, giving you personalized support to increase your odds of success.