About Ricky "Richard" Hale

First, thanks for taking the time to visit the website. My name is Ricky Hale, some call me Richard, either is fine. I refer to myself to as a digital marketing expert as it takes many marketing skills working as one to be successful. While I’ve spent 14+ years in SEO, I learned over the years that relying on one single channel to be successful doesn’t work. That is what I specialize in now, helping companies create full marketing systems that consistently drive in new clients and customers.

Over his 14+ years online, Richard has helped over 1K different companies generate over $500M in sales through digital marketing strategies that include SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and paid media.

Experience Matters, Results Matter More

I’ve spent 14+ years helping companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. 2023 is the first time I’ve ever went public sharing my knowledge, resources, frameworks, and everything I’ve learned over the years. 

I talk about my “system” a lot because it’s one where you can consistently grow your business over and over. You can implement, measure, and adjust based on the results. I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’ve learned what to do by learning what not to do 100X. 

I look forward to working with new companies this year and also look forward to our new students. More to come soon, until then, thanks again for visiting.